Why Buy Genuine?

Why should you by the original genuine GraBars? Easy - Our materials and craftsmanship blow away the competition. We're the first to admit that, for a handle, GraBars are totally over-engineered. And that's exactly why they are so awesome.

Think of it this way: $4 wine vs $40 wine. Massed produced, flat-pack dining table vs artisan farmhouse table.  Chinese tools from Harbor Freight vs Mac, Matco, or SnapOn. While all the former will "get the job done" you feel so much more satisfied with the latter. Why? It's the quality of materials and details considered when designing and manufacturing that make the nice stuff "nice."

Handles that you touch every day will be no different.

We are incredibly proud of our 100% American product - and you will be too.

More Than a Handle.

Plus, look at our packaging! Who doesn't want that bad boy?!