Love of Community

GraBarsUSA (old name: WD Automotive) manufactures accessories for that most American of automotive icons, the Jeep Wrangler. We invented the first bolt-in steel grab handles for the “jeep” in its over 70 years of existence: GraBars.

There is a unique aspect of GraBarsUSA which we would like you to know about. It is an important aspect of our business which will drive us to succeed for many more years to come: Love of Community.

We believe everyone is part of many communities.

For example, family is often your closest and most cherished “community.” It was out of love and care for our families that GraBars were invented in the first place. Our founder wanted a sturdy and safe solution to help his elderly mother (and shorter wife) get into his Wrangler. Wobbly, uncomfortable, totally unsteady fabric solutions were all that was offered at the time. And thus GraBars were born - rigid, strong, and safe.

The Jeep community itself is strong. It’s unlike most any other in the automotive world. “Jeepers” themselves often have a deep love of community and it’s shown by the number of events which are organized across our great country - many of which benefit various causes and, in turn, help others.

GraBarsUSA is proud to be a part of the Jeep community and we show them our love in the care and consideration that goes in to all of our unique products. We really think about the user, their safety, and how our products can serve them well for many years.

But making GraBars and other accessories takes a team. This team is yet another community we have love for and want to benefit. All of our employees, from the staff at our offices, to the metal workers and powder coaters in manufacturing, to the shippers in the warehouse - all of us - are hard working Americans who care for others and put that care - that love - in to the products we create.

These jobs held by members of our GraBarsUSA family also benefit our local community as a whole. You see, ALL GraBarsUSA employees do community volunteer work. It is a passion. So we do our best to make it easy for our employees to keep their commitments as volunteers. We work around their schedules so they can continue to help the community. Supporting families, promoting growth, and helping one another to succeed.

GraBarsUSA even goes so far as to source its materials for construction - the steel, rubber, etc - from the USA so we can support the greater community of America. We believe companies can make a huge impact on the communities they live in even at a national level and we’ve chosen to help make our community - the USA - stronger.

But there’s one more community we have great love for - and it’s easily the most important: the community of humans that spans the globe. A core value at GraBarsUSA is to help take care of those who cannot help themselves. Love is imperative if we are to change the hostile environment of the world. We want to do as much as we can as a company to help this greater community of mankind.

Currently, we purchase mated pairs of goats, chickens, and pigs for families in Africa; we sponsor seven orphans and hope to sponsor many more; knowing the importance of education, we've paid a full college ride for our first orphan and want to send more; we built and furnished an entire K-12 school in Uganda; and we donate to as many causes as we can through our professional connections and Jeep events - hundreds so far!

Yes, Love of Community is a unique aspect GraBarsUSA strives to show and we know it is what we hope will continue driving us forward to success for years to come. We thank you, our customers, for supporting us and allowing us to show our love of community.