JK GraBars Installation Support

Let's start with great installation walk-throughs by some of our awesome dealers:

Still have installation problems with your GraBars? It happens....

While we sell thousands of GraBars and the vast majority install without a problem, we do get that some people experience issues during installation. The main things we hear are that the bolts "won't line up" or that the bottom spacer is "too long/short" or that the bolts won't tighten all the way.

Can't tighten the bolts?

Sometimes Jeep uses a crazy amount of lock-tight - though you can't always see it.

You need to put oil on a bolt and run it in and out over and over.....and over. This will eventually clean all the lock-tight.

However, it can actually get so bad that running a tap through the nut is the best answer. The tap size is M8x1.25.

Too short/long/doesn't line up?

What we've learned is that Jeep doesn't always get that nut welded in there at the exact same angle.

Thankfully, our bolts are incredibly strong and those nuts are easy to bend to the right angle.

The bottom bolt is the easiest to bend, simply put just the long bolt in the hole and bend it so that it will line up.

Sometimes the bottom won't line up because the top nut needs to be bent. It's a similar procedure as bending the bottom.

See photos and videos below for further explanation.